Help us better understand
multiple myeloma patient experiences.

We are seeking individuals with Multiple Myeloma to participate in a market research study discussing your treatments and experiences. The feedback will be used to help future patients and their caregivers.  

If you were diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma more than 3 months ago and are currently receiving treatment, you may qualify to participate.

If you qualify and complete the phone or online survey, you will receive an honorarium check for your time and participation.  All information and responses will remain confidential.


To see if you qualify or to get more information please contact Kim Slusher:

Phone: 980-677-1404


Or submit the form below and we will contact you shortly.

We are recruiting participants for this market research study on behalf of Adelphi Research, an independent market research agency acting on behalf of a pharmaceutical company.

By submitting the form above you consent to being contacted by Pinpoint with regards to this study and future studies. 

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Pinpoint Patient Recruiting is a U.S. based company that only recruits individuals within the U.S. We make no attempts to recruit individuals outside of the U.S. for any market research studies or clinical trials.