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Help Us Better Understand Experiences with
Preterm Labor and Early Childbirth  

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Women who experienced preterm labor in their pregnancy, meaning labor that happened too early (before 37 weeks of pregnancy), and it resulted in a preterm live birth are invited to participate in a new study. We want to learn about your personal experience in the hope of helping women and their preterm babies in the future.


This study would involve taking part in a 75-minute virtual/telephone interview to share your personal experience. We will also talk about what you consider a successful treatment for preterm labor would be like. 


You may qualify for this study if your child was born preterm in the last 3 years and if you had any of the following preterm labor signs or symptoms leading up to preterm birth: 

  • Regular or frequent uterus or womb contractions (tightening or hardening) 

  • Backache felt below the waistline (just above the belly button)

  • Pelvic pressure that felt like your baby was pushing down

  • Abdominal (or tummy) tenderness, pain, pressure, or cramps


You will not qualify for this study if your preterm labor was induced or if your early childbirth resulted from a serious maternal or fetal condition that required medical intervention.  


To see if you qualify or get more information, please fill out the form below. If you are eligible, you will receive up to $210 once you have completed the interview. If you have questions about the study please email Julie Knell at

*Please note, you must be a current resident of the US  to qualify for and participate in this study. All information shared with Pinpoint will remain confidential. 

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