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Has your child recently been diagnosed with RSV?

If your child (or a child you care for) has recently been diagnosed with RSV we would like to chat with you about your experiences.  If you would like to take part in a 90-minute telephone interview to share your experience caring for your child while they were ill, please fill out the form below.
All responses will be kept completely confidential. Please note, to participate in the study, you must:

  • be a US resident

  • aged 18 or over

  • provide proof of your child's diagnosis (for example, a screenshot of your child's online medical record or a letter from your child's doctor)


If you are eligible, you will receive a check for $235 within 2 to 3 weeks of completing your interview.


To see if you qualify or to get more information please fill out this form and we will contact you for a brief screening call shortly. Or, if you prefer, email Ingles Adams at ingles@pinpointpatientrecruiting.com