Help us better understand
sickle cell disease experiences.

You may have an opportunity to share your perspective  in a market research study looking to talk with sickle cell disease patients as well as parents/caregivers. Your identity and responses will be confidential, but the feedback you give will help shape future care and treatments for sickle cell disease. 

If you qualify and complete the a 15 minute online activity and a 60 minute interview, you will receive $150 for your time and participation.  

We are currently seeking the following:

  • youth/teen patients aged between 16-21 years old currently on ADAKVEO

  • caregivers of youth/teen patients between 16-21 years old currently on ADAKVEO


To see if you qualify or to get more information please contact Erin McClure:

Phone: 202-350-0933


Or submit the information below and we will contact you shortly.

Pinpoint Patient Recruiting 


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Pinpoint Patient Recruiting is a U.S. based company that only recruits individuals within the U.S. We make no attempts to recruit individuals outside of the U.S. for any market research studies or clinical trials.