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A personalized approach

In the midst of a crazy year, Pinpoint has managed to still find ways to connect with patients and conduct much-needed studies. Co-founders, Peggy and Amanda, reflect on what makes Pinpoint unique and their favorite part of Pinpoint.

What’s shocked you the most since you started Pinpoint?

Peggy: How much of a specialty niche we have created by uncovering every stone in creative, personalized ways to find patients with a very sensitive and caring approach.

Amanda: I’m continually shocked by how very often it doesn't even feel like “work.” We prioritize working with people who we love to engage with and we only take on projects that we feel confident in completing.

What’s been the best part of Pinpoint?

Peggy: Working with our incredible team while serving our partners and our patients with critical, transformative information. We LOVE what we do, and are grateful for Pinpoint and the impact we can have in shaping the future of healthcare with patient insights! It doesn’t feel like work, but is more like a mission.

Amanda: I love the culture we have created at the company by just being ourselves and doing something that we enjoy that comes naturally to us. We all work really hard, are willing to take on new challenges and support each other so it allows everyone to put their best foot forward for the entire company.


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