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It all started with one small project...

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Pinpoint Patient Recruiting (Pinpoint) was founded by Peggy Gibson Carroll and Amanda Willis in 2017 to address a need they identified working together on healthcare projects over the years. Simply put, companies and colleagues kept asking for help finding people they could talk to about their experience as patients with cancer or rare diseases.

It started with one small project, which led to another one and eventually led the company to where it is today. With each project, they found that they loved the personal touch they could bring to their work and how ultimately they were making it possible to elevate patient voices to improve treatments in the future.

But why Pinpoint? And what exactly does this team bring to the table? Our founders sat down to share a bit more about Pinpoint’s heart and mission.

Where did you get the name Pinpoint?

Amanda: When we started brainstorming ideas for the company, we kept coming back to the fact that we take a very targeted approach to finding and connecting with patients - ones that are often hard to reach because they are part of a small or rare patient community. We literally pinpoint exactly where the patients may be and make connections to help clients achieve their goals. It just seemed to fit perfectly.

What makes Pinpoint different?

Peggy: We have decades of experience in patient advocacy, the medical industry and marketing that allow us to collaborate quickly with key partners and to personally communicate with patients and communities to efficiently complete studies.

Amanda: It is really important to Pinpoint to provide an incredibly high level of service, support and communication. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure that every single person we come in contact with has a positive experience interacting with our company and any project we work on.

Looking for a new partner to help connect to oncology and rare patient populations? We would love to share more about our capabilities and approach.

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