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The beginning...

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

If you missed the first post about the vision and naming of Pinpoint, check it out here.

Peggy and Amanda went to the same college (Go Heels!), although it was many years apart. Peggy’s background is in the pharmaceutical industry in oncology and patient advocacy, while Amanda has a background in healthcare communications and marketing strategy. Their paths would eventually cross while working on a national public cancer awareness campaign.

No one tells the story better than Peggy & Amanda themselves - so take a look and get to know Pinpoint a little better...

How did Peggy and Amanda meet?

Peggy: We worked together on a healthcare campaign 10 years ago and knew at that point that we would be great business partners with our complimentary strengths and experiences. Amanda is an incredibly talented marketing mind. Her skills are a full service agency wrapped into one person and she has a skill in creating anything patient oriented. We wanted to create a company that focused on personal connections with patients, which fuels our shared desire to always deliver top notch work while ensuring patient voices and insights shape the future of healthcare.

Amanda: Our paths first crossed while working on a national public awareness campaign for prostate cancer back in 2011, but we really didn’t start to develop a strong partnership until a few years later when we reconnected while doing consulting work together. Peggy is so easy to work with, and such an encouraging person, that it was easy to build upon her strengths and create new projects together. I always tell people that you never know when you are working alongside a future business partner or building a relationship that will turn into something much bigger in your life down the road, so you should always have your eyes open and mind willing to say “yes” when you are presented with opportunities - even if (especially if) you weren’t planning on it.

Where did you get the inspiration for the company?

Peggy: We had clients coming to us asking if we could help them find oncology and rare patients for clinical studies, ad boards, market research and patient initiatives; then out of an organic need, we decided to launch Pinpoint.

Amanda: One day it occurred to us that we had all the tools and experience we needed to help companies connect to really hard to find patients and to provide support in all areas of connecting to patient communities. All we had to do was develop some processes for applying our experience and skills into new situations. We were really excited to offer a service that solved problems for people we were already working with in different ways.

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